Software Quality Assurance

August 2, 2019

ROSIN present at ROSCon 2019

Two talks based on the results of ROSIN will be given at ROSCon 2019 in Macau on November 1st (day 2). At 10:10 listen to "ROS bugs later: Where do we go from here?" --- a reflection based on the analysis of past bugs in the ROS platform. What kinds of bugs do programmers encounter when developing ROS applications? Are those bugs unique to ROS? What can we do to avoid them? At 16:20, Andrzej Wasowski (ITU) will present RxROS: a thin reactive programming layer for ROS that allows to program nodes without callbacks and locks. This eliminates bugs like deadlocks and races by design
July 2, 2019

World ROS-I Day 2019 (#WRID2019)

Fraunhofer IPA organized a local event for the second annual World ROS-I Day on July 2nd. This event took place in all three primary regions of the ROS-Industrial Consortia around the world (starting in Asia-Pacific, moving through Europe, and then over to the Americas) and aimed to work against a list of items that were communicated ahead and up to and through the event. More information can be found at ROS Discourse World ROS-I Day thread!
December 19, 2018

ROS Industrial Conference #riceu2018

From public funding opportunities to the latest technologies in software and system integration, the combination of robotics and IT to hardware and application highlights: This year’s ROS-Industrial Conference 2018 offered a varied and top-class programme to more than 150 attendees. For the sixth time already, Fraunhofer IPA organized a ROS event in Stuttgart to present the status of ROS in Europe and to discuss existing challenges. This is the first instalment on EU ROS Updates of a series of four consecutive blog posts, presenting content and discussions according to the sessions.
June 25, 2018

ROSIN present at ICSE’18 and Halmstad Summer School on Testing (HSST’18)

As part of the effort to direct more interest from quality and software engineering researchers towards ROS, prof. Andrzej Wasowski from ITU lectured at the 8th Halmstad Summer School on Testing. The program contained a substantial discussion of quality problems and bugs in the ROS infrastructure that are studied and addressed in the ROSIN project. With similar goal, Adam Alami (also ITU) has attended the CHASE workshop in Gothenburg, where he presented his analysis of perception and attitude towards quality assurance from ROS engineers and ROS users.