IMC drives

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August 13, 2018
Earth Rover ROS – The Open-Source Agribot
August 13, 2018

This FTP by Beta Robots contributes with a ready-to-use ROS driver for Ingenia Motor Control (IMC) EtherCAT servo drives.

The resulting ROS driver and C++ library (IMCDrives) allows developers of an application to command a single engine, or a group of synchronized motors, shortly after choosing the motor brand and connecting them to IMC servo drives. Moreover, the EtherCAT industrial communication protocol will allow reaching high update rates when the robotic application involves high dynamics (for instance, performing torque control on a parallel manipulator moving at high-speed).

The Ingenia drives offer high-performance, cost-effective technology for most motor technologies including servo motors (DC brush and brushless), high power density motors, and others, and are broadly applied worldwide.