PAL Statistics Framework

Pattern Manager
August 7, 2018
ARViz: Augmented Reality Visualizer for ROS2
August 7, 2018

PAL_Statistics Framework will provide a standard interface for gathering, sending, storing and visualizing metrics and KPI of ROS nodes and robot performance.

As more and more ROS based robots leave the lab to join the industry, easy to access metrics of the robot are an asset for the users of the robot that are not capable of extracting this data from ROS due to lack of technical expertise. The goal of PAL_Statistics is to create an easy to use and non intrusive statistics logging system with permanent storage that can be automatically maintained to discard old data and a visualization tool for this data that is usable by non technical customers.

The main expected outcomes are:

  • An open-source and publicly available framework that facilitates the collection, publication, storage and visualization of arbitrary types of statistics.
  • An installable solution for rapid deployment of the storage and visualization framework.