RobotCraft (Education Project)

Center for Advanced Training on Robotics and Open Source, ACT-ROS (Education Project)
December 18, 2019
ROS In. Occitanie, RIO (Education Project)
December 18, 2019


RobotCraft 2020



The Robotics Craftsmanship International Academy, or RobotCraft for short, is a two-month summer collective internship conceived to provide a unique hands-on experience in robotics. RobotCraft intends to introduce higher education students in the full design cycle of a mobile robotic platform, providing training in mechatronics, low-level programming of embedded systems, high-level development using the Robot Operating System (ROS), and artificial intelligence. This non-academic teaching is mainly fostered by the private company Ingeniarius, which receives important contributions from the Institute of Systems and Robotics from University of Coimbra, with invited speakers from other universities.


RobotCraft successfully completed its fourth edition in 2019, encompassing, so far, 280 students and 100 universities, being evaluated by participants as challenging, engaging, and beneficial not only to their overall understanding of robotics, but also guiding them through their future academic and professional endeavours.


Join the team for the most amazing summer experience in