November 30, 2020


IAAC inaugurated the new collaborative robotic cell setup funded by ROSIN European project to develop the Educational Project “Teaching ROS for the construction industry”.
July 6, 2020

ROS (Robot Operating System) Training Fallenbrunnen (1), Germany

Problem statement The use of ROS will increase in the future as the use of robots is increasing. The Open source approach and the community behind it made ROS widely accepted. The homepage „robotik UND PRODUKTION“ states, that ROS will be an industrial standard in the future. The acceptance of this open source framework continues to grow. That`s why the original founders and new developers are seeking to establish ROS as the industry standard. As far as the research institute ABI Research is saying, 55% of the commercial robots will own a ROS package in 2024.[1] In recent years utilization of ROS is increasing.  Therefor a lot of today`s jobs will be affected by that. Studies show that 57% of the jobs in the OECD could be affected.[2] That`s one reason why the employees need to be prepared and trained in ROS. Explanation of teaching approach Learning robotics by doing is far more effective than reading. This course will provide a good balance between theoretical and practical input. The course mainly concentrates on the basics of ROS. Since the ROS mainly works with Linux, it is essential to educate the participants with the basic knowledge of the Linux operating system. […]
June 23, 2020

ROS-Industrial Training July 2020 (sales started!)

We’re excited to announce that we will be supporting the 5th annual World MoveIt! Day which is happening this June 2nd, and it’s going virtual!
June 3, 2020

ROS-Industrial Community Meeting – June 2020

ROS-Industrial Community Meeting, June 02, 2020, in a webinar format