Do not forget World MoveIt day!

ROS2 & ROS-I academy 1/5 of 2020, Stuttgart
February 21, 2020
ROS-Industrial Community Meeting – June 2020
June 3, 2020


We’re excited to announce that we will be supporting the 5th annual World MoveIt! Day which is happening this June 2nd, and it’s going virtual!

This event will be a day long Hackathon dedicated to improve the MoveIt code base, documentation and community.

Everyone is welcome to participate as we are hoping to close as many pull requests and issues as possible, and also to explore new areas of features and improvements following the many years of existing work done on the code base.


PickNik Robotics //


Useful Links

Announcement of MoveIt 2 Beta

Google Meets Live Stream for Participants

Online Discussion Channel on IRC using hashtag #moveit

Register Here!