ROS2 & ROS-I academy 1/5 of 2020, Stuttgart

2nd Report on ROSIN Training in Turkey
February 20, 2020
Do not forget World MoveIt day!
May 26, 2020


After successfully conducting 10 ROS-Industrial trainings in 2018 and 2019 at Fraunhofer IPA, we are introducing a new curriculum based on ROS2 starting 2020. This was our ROS2 & ROS-Industrial Training held from 19-21 February 2020 in Stuttgart with the following agenda:

  • ROS 2 Introduction
    • Whats is ROS 2, the difference with ROS 1, Why use ROS 2 ?
  • ROS 2 basics
    • ROS 2 Concepts, Nodes, Intraprocess Communication, Messages.
    • ROS 2 File System
    • ROS 2 From Terminal
  • ROS 2 Higher level modules
    • Robot Architecture
    • TF2 in ROS2
    • Navigation 2
    • Best practices
    • Introduction to Security
  • Application
    • Design a robot application using ROS2

Note for our trainings:

* Please bring your own laptop and make sure that it can boot from an external USB. We will provide you with an bootable USB stick with Ubuntu 18.04 , ROS Melodic and ROS2 Eloquent pre-installed.

* For this training you need only basic knowledge about Linux Operating Systems and Python programming language. Prerequisite: beginner level in Ubuntu 18.04 and Python3.


More details about the curriculum can be found in the agenda.

Next editions

  • This year there will be 4 more sessions at Fraunhofer IPA in May, July, September and November 2020.
  • Get the overview of all upcoming ROSIN training events.