Rosinstall Generator Time Machine

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March 3, 2019
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February 20, 2019

A simple bash script to generate .rosinstall files ‘from the past’.


This bash script is a wrapper around rosinstall_generator that accepts one additional argument: a date in the past.

Using this date in the past, the script will try to generate a .rosinstall file using rosinstall_generator and the state of ros/rosdistro at the date specified.

The .rosinstall file can then be used to build a set of ROS packages that will approximate the “state of ROS” as it was at the date specified. This is of course only an approximation as other parts of the technology stack (such as the OS) are not reverted.

Usage and more information

See the github repository for more information and precise usage instructions: rosin-project/rosinstall_generator_time_machine