FTPs granted in 3rd Round

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May 17, 2018
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June 21, 2018

Cut-off day for next FTP round

The next cut-off day for the ROSIN grants is June 15, 2018. The page Focused Technical Project (FTP) is the entry point to apply for your project or to find information about the process, a comprehensive guide as well as the FAQ.

(More cut-off dates 2018: September 14, November 16)


Granted projects of last FTP round

We are happy to announce that we awarded in the last round five applications to advance open-source robot software:

Robotics Group of Rey Juan Carlos University, Spain

ARViz: Augmented Reality Visualizer for ROS2

In this project, Augmented Reality (AR) is applied in the debugging and monitoring of sensory and internal information of a robot. Equipped with an AR device (we propose the Microsoft Hololens), we will be able to see reality and integrate in it the information of the robot with spatial meaning. We use ROS2, which provides real time, quality of service and secure communications. We use bindings for .NET Core and .NET Standard 2.0, which eliminates the non-crossplatform parts and add support for UWP, which is what works inside the Hololens without using an additional computer.

Project duration: 12 Months
Project budget: € 91 125 | ROSIN grant: € 30 375

PAL Robotics, Spain

PAL Statistics Framework

Provide a standard interface for gathering, sending, storing and visualizing metrics and KPI of ROS nodes and robot performance.

Project duration: 12 Months
Project budget: € 90 000 | ROSIN grant: € 29 700

PPM AS, Norway

ROSWELD – ROS based framework for planning, monitoring and control of multi-pass robot welding

ROSWELD develops an innovative ROS based framework for planning, monitoring and control of multi-pass robot applications with an intuitive, user-friendly GUI. The framework is built upon components from the project partners’ previous research and existing ROS modules. ROSWELD is demonstrated by the case study in heavy, multi-pass welding.

The team consists of three partners from Norway: one high-tech robot system integrator, one heavy industrial company, and a governmentally funded Catapult Centre for industrial robotics.

Project duration: 12 Months
Project budget: € 432 000 | ROSIN grant: € 100 000

Danish Technological Institute, Denmark

Efficient Definition And Use Of Patterns in Robot Applications

Although it can be considered a standard component in industrial robotics, ROS-Industrial lacks easy to use methods for working with batches of parts, i.e. to iteratively process or manipulate a number of parts in a fixed or dynamic pattern. In this project, we will develop an intuitive, open source and easily expandable alternative to commercial solutions to this problem, for the benefit of systems integrators seeking to use ROS for their next robot installation.

Project duration: 9 Months
Project budget: € 75 000 | ROSIN grant: € 25 000

Pilz GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

Industrial trajectory generation for MoveIt!

Nowadays, most industrial robot manipulators supported in ROS come with a MoveIt! configuration. The MotionPlanning plugin for RViz allows a simple and visualized planning and execution. Planning and obstacle avoidance in free space work mostly out-of-the-box. However, to command a simple Cartesian motion to the robot arm on the other hand is not that straight forward. All existing libraries for Cartesian trajectory generation lack a user-friendly interface.

The FTP implements a trajectory generator with a MoveIt!-interface for easy planning and execution of Cartesian standard-paths (LIN, PTP, CIRC). In addition, the blending of multiple sequential motion commands is realized.

Project duration: 6 Months
Project budget: € 192 600 | ROSIN grant: € 62 400