AEROSTACK 3.0: Aerial robotics framework for the industry

Earth Rover ROS – The Open-Source Agribot
August 13, 2018
Hardware Robot Information Model
HRIM: The Hardware Robot Information Model
August 13, 2018

Aerostack ( is a software framework for building aerial robotic systems that was developed and used successfully by the Group CVAR (Computer Vision and Aerial Robotics). Because Aerostack was created in an academic context, the current version of Aerostack (2.1) presents limitations to be used by a larger number of developers. The main goal of the present FTP project is to generalize Aerostack to become more accessible and usable by developers from the industry, improving the current software architecture with (1) standards and more flexible designs, (2) multiple behaviors for autonomy, and (3) quality assurance through validation and documentation.