HRIM: The Hardware Robot Information Model

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August 13, 2018
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August 13, 2018
Hardware Robot Information Model

A common interface for robot modules


Hardware Robot Information Model

HRIM is an information model for robots built around the ROS community. A common interface for robot modules that facilitates interoperability among different vendors of robot hardware components.  HRIM tackles the problem of incompatibility between robot components that hinder the reconfigurability and flexibility demanded by the robotics industry.

Interface database

HRIM designs a set of rules each component has to meet in order to enable seamless interaction with other devices, and creates an official database that could be easily used by all robotics hardware manufacturers. HRIM facilitates the integration effort when building robots and simplifies their whole life cycle.


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A preliminary whitepaper about this work is available at Please use the following BibTex entry to cite our work:

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