Cross-platform ROS simulation for mobile manipulators

February 14, 2019
BLACKBOX – ROS based monitoring system
February 14, 2019

This project aims at developing a simulation framework for training pilots of robots used for intervention in case of a nuclear incident. These robots include industrial arms and will be controlled using ROS.

The project will contribute to the ROS-Industrial community with a new open-source, cross-platform, high-performance simulator compatible with ROS for industrial robots. The simulator will use state-of-the-art 3D rendering technologies, such as Physically Based Rendering, to generate realistic camera images and depth sensor point-clouds in real-time.

In addition to pilot training, this simulator will assess the usefulness of ROS packages on grasping and motion planning in industrial environments.

Documentation of the webots_ros package:

+++ Update January 2020 +++

You can also watch this presentation from ROS-Industrial Conference December 2019: