Open Source Balancing and Walking Control Framework for Humanoid Robots in ROS – OpenWalker

Ada - In strong typing we trust
RCLAda, Ada client library for ROS2
March 5, 2020
FREROS (Education Project)
December 18, 2019

The main objective of this project between the Chair for Cognitive Systems/Technical University of Munich and PAL Robotics is to provide a general open source control framework, which is easy to use, and well-documented to simplify the implementation of walking and balancing controllers. In this way, the main contribution of OpenWalker is the development of software tools, templates, and modules. The project will be based on ros_control, and it will provide modules and templates for fast prototyping of balancing/walking controller components. The modules developed will be used mainly for control, which requires real-time capabilities. Therefore, the modules and templates will be mainly written in C++.