RCLAda, Ada client library for ROS2

March 5, 2020
Open Source Balancing and Walking Control Framework for Humanoid Robots in ROS – OpenWalker
March 4, 2020
Ada - In strong typing we trust
  • https://github.com/ada-ros/ada4ros2

The RCLAda Project provides the tools and libraries that enable the use of the Ada language with the ROS2 API. The target toolchain is the GNAT compiler, part of the GCC suite. RCLAda is the Ada equivalent to rclcpp, rclpy and other client libraries.

Ada is a strongly-typed imperative language expressly designed for applications that require safety, reliability and maintainability. Notable domains using Ada are aerospace, ATC, railroad systems, medical devices and other high integrity domains, thus being an excellent choice for robotics software.