Virtual Robotic Laboratory and Learning Materials for ROSin (Education Project) ROS Training robot and ar target
ROSIN Academics (Education Project)
October 1, 2019
ROSinTartu (Education Project)
August 2, 2019

ROSin_Uplat project is addressing the need of ROS trained qualified persons in the region of Turkey by using training center and Virtual Robotic Laboratory. ROSin_Uplat project includes establishing a ROS training center, development of Virtual Robotic Laboratory for learning ROS and preparation of ROS learning materials in Turkish and English Languages. Thus, ROS knowledge will be disseminated in our region.

A total of 30 people participated in first and second training. Participants consist of students, academics and people working in the sector.


– Fig 1. First ROS Practical training, September 26-28, 2019 –


– Fig 2. Second ROS Practical training,  December 24-25, 2019 –

In addition to practical training, we are developing a virtual laboratory for use in ROS training. We also develop Turkish and English materials. Here is the latest situation on virtual laboratories.

– Fig 3. Home page of virtual laboratory for use with ROS training –


– Fig 4. Training page of virtual laboratory for use with Evarobot in Gazebo and ROS  –

Please read the 1st training report & 2nd training report on our news section.