ROS-Industrial Tech Workshop: ROS2 & DDS

ROS-I academy 2/5 of 2019, Stuttgart
April 5, 2019
ROS-I Summer School at HVL Førde, Norway
June 24, 2019

Fraunhofer IPA organized the Spring edition of ROS-Industrial EU Tech Workshop on May 6th and 7th, 2019. ROS 2 supports multiple DDS/RTPS implementations and various factors influence choosing the right vendor: one of the most popular DDS vendors eProsima presented their stacks at the workshop. Additionally, Bosch gave a hands-on feature overview on the status of ROS2 and, as one of the members of the EU-funded Ofera project, presented microROS, which extends ROS2 capabilities for extremely resource constrained devices. Lastly, Fraunhofer IPA demonstrated the porting of the ur_modern_driver to ROS2.

More details about the event with blog post and slides can be found here.

Next Tech Workshop will be held on October 9 -10, 2019.