Update of FTPs (2. Round)

ROS-Industrial Americas Annual Meeting (March 7-8, 2018)
March 2, 2018
ROS-I Winter School @ MCI Innsbruck, Austria
March 12, 2018

Cut-off day for next FTP round

The next cut-off day for the ROSIN grants is April 6, 2018. The page Focused Technical Project (FTP) is the entry point to apply for your project or to find information about the process, a comprehensive guide as well as the FAQ.

(More cut-off dates 2018: June 15, September 14, November 16)

Save the date for the FTP Info session:

  • Fraunhofer IPA, Stuttgart Germany
  • May 28, 2018 – May 29, 2018
  • The event will be populated with more information in the next days.

Granted projects of last FTP round

We are happy to announce that we awarded in the last round four applications to advance open-source robot software:

Nobleo Projects BV, Netherland

Coverage Path Planning and Control

In domain of robotics, many applications need to plan a path that passes over all points of an area or volume of interest while avoiding obstacles. Think about robots in domains as vacuum cleaning, painting, harbor cleaning, demining, lawn mowing, harvesting, tank cleaning and inspection. As soon as a path is planned, next challenge is to control this path or trajectory. As neither ROS, nor ROS Industrial are currently providing needed packages incorporating this (Complete) Coverage Path Planning or trajectory tracking functionality, this FTP proposes to develop, verify and validate these packages, and enhance ROS Industrial collection for real-life applications.

Project duration: 11 Months
Project budget: € 134 600 | ROSIN grant: € 44 400



The goal of the project ROSdyn is to realize a ROS-based package that implement a fully automated procedure able to calibrate the robot dynamics model. The use of ROS ecosystem enable the standardization of several steps of the procedure, such as the messages exchanged between nodes. A further step towards standardization is represented by the use of ROS-I robot drivers that allow a standard access to all the robot information enabling the dynamics model calibration on commercial IR.

Project duration: 12 Months
Project budget: € 81 600 | ROSIN grant: € 27 200

Roboception, Germany


Roboception offers innovative navigation, real-time perception and manipulation solutions for robotic systems, thanks to a combination of hardware/software products. Our rc_visard sensor provides ego-motion, depth data and point clouds in real time thanks to fusion of inertial and stereo odometry. Visard4ROS will provide a ROS interface to fully exploit the capabilities of rc_visard and integrate it into robotic products or research platforms. As part of the process, Visard4ROS will also provide documentation for integration of sensors with standard industrial interfaces such as GigE and GenICam, plus examples and good practices for using separate libraries to build ROS-I hardware drivers.

Project duration: 9 Months
Project budget: € 74 375 | ROSIN grant: € 24 544

Zivid Labs, Norway


Zivid is the world’s most accurate, real-time 3D color camera, targeted especially at robotics and industrial automation. Zivid offers exceptional quality 3D snapshots in full HD and color at rapid rates (100ms per image, including both acquisition and 3D reconstruction), while at the same time delivering a depth resolution of 100μm, which is 50-100 times more accurate than other 3D color cameras in the market. Currently, the Zivid software runs only on MS Windows. The objective of this project is to add Linux and ROS support to the Zivid camera.

Project duration: 16 Months
Project budget: € 300 000 | ROSIN grant: € 100 000